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ARUBA Network Management and Operations

Next-generation cloud and on-premises software for deployment, monitoring, and orchestration of today’s modern networks.


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Choosing a ARUBA network management system

While most customers are shifting to cloud-based solutions for scale and agility, we recognize that some require on-premises options. Simple and scalable operations are in reach in either case, delivering exactly what you need.

  • Zero touch provisioning
  • Large scale infrastructure management
  • Modern analytics and monitoring

Aruba Network management & operations

A cloud-based Aruba Network Management & Operations with AI-powered insights, workflow automation, and edge-to-cloud security that empowers IT to manage and optimize campus, branch, remote, data center, and IoT networks from one dashboard.

Aruba AirWave is a network management and monitoring software platform developed by Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. It is designed to help IT professionals manage and monitor wireless and wired networks in enterprise environments. AirWave provides a single interface for managing and monitoring multiple devices, including wireless access points, switches, and controllers, as well as devices connected to the network such as laptops and smartphones.

Aruba Cloud Managed Networking is a cloud-based network management and monitoring solution that allows IT professionals to remotely manage and monitor their network infrastructure. It includes features such as network visualization, device and network performance monitoring, and network configuration and deployment.

Aruba UXI (Unified Experience Infrastructure) is a sensor-based network monitoring and management platform that provides real-time visibility into the performance and availability of applications, devices, and networks. Aruba UXI sensors are deployed throughout an organization’s network to monitor traffic, performance, and other key metrics, providing IT professionals with insights into the health and performance of their network.

Overall, Aruba’s network management and monitoring solutions are designed to help IT professionals manage and optimize their networks, ensuring that they are performing at their best and providing a reliable and secure connection for users.

Looking for comprehensive and easy-to-use Aruba network management software? Check out Aruba Airwave. It offers network monitoring, management, and operations in a single platform. You can also use it to manage Aruba Cloud Managed Networking and Aruba UXI Sensor. Contact Us!

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Resolve complex issues with flexible AI and machine learning tools that lessen the impact on your network, security, and application performance. Save valuable time with automation and early-warning troubleshooting tips.


Network analytics and monitoring

With rich visibility and control over all your locations, you can improve network performance based on user, application, and device experience. Robust dashboards, reports, and audit trails also help you maintain quality of service and ensure compliance with IT policy.


Test and monitor apps across wired, wireless, WAN, and cloud

Ensure that service levels are met by using AI-powered insights that focus on your end users.



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